Hello again, there!

Reading back on my previous posts, it’s kinda cute how I looked so enthusiastic and motivated about maintaining a blog…

And then I proceeded to neglect this place for 2 years. orz

So yeah, hello again, there!

The reason why I’m attempting to revive this blog is that I sat down recently and realized that I had like 8 full dolls and 19 floating heads (I also have an issue with floating heads, it seems), almost all blank and naked, sitting in my closet (with currently 4 more heads and 1 body on the way). Like, how the hell did that happen? I only have male bodies so it’s not like they made babies or something D:

So I came to the conclusion that writing down somewhere about what I’m doing about dolls might help in case someday I wake up and realize I have like 100 dolls or something xD

The issue is that even though I don’t do a lot of things, it’s been 2 years since my last post so I have a lot of things to say… So there’s like 50% of chance that I’ll end up wasting forever and a half deciding what to write about, and end up deciding that it’s too much of a hassle and post nothing xD

So far, I have updated my dolly list on the Doll Profile page. I wanted to make an in-depth body comparison of all of these dolls, but in my teeny tiny flat, it would be pretty difficult (I can take specific comparisons if asked, though). I guess next topic could be talking about my craptastic attempts at BJD faceups, and or terrible BJD wig crafting, or amateur BJD making maybe?

Shipping rants, and pretty nose collection

TL;DR pour les francophones : J’ai enfin mon Kien et mon Vezeto, mais Chronopost ont fait leurs gros boulets pour changer, j’ai payé une blinde de taxes, et j’ai la rage… Mais après avoir bien contemplé ma collection de jolis nez, ça va un peu mieux ! … Un jour, je traduirais cette mésaventure qu’on tous eue, mais pour le moment, vous pouvez passer directement au passage pas chiant :p


I was able to finally put my grabby hands on my DollClans heads last monday :D

But the shipping was pretty horrible >__>

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Archéologie, Dolly kitbash et autres horreurs

Since my batch of fresh resin was delayed by customs, I tried to distract myself by playing around with my homemade horrors.
When I’ll be less lazy have time I’ll actually talk about these projects in depth, but for the moment, have some dolly kitbashing :D

(I’m too lazy to translate the rest of this entry in English atm, but it’s mostly the same ramblings than on my flickr. And I’ll come back later for translation, promise ^^”)

Comme ma dose de résine fraiche s’est faire intercepter par les douanes (à tout représentant des forces de l’ordre qui passerait par là, je fais allusion à de la résine polyuréthane, pas à de substance stupéfiantes, m’envoyez pas le GIGN ^^”), je me suis un peu distraite en faisant mumuse avec mes horreurs maisons :D
Un jour quand j’aurais moins la flemme le temps je parlerais un peu plus en détails de mes projets, mais en attendant, hop-là :D

2013/06/19 - More dollie kitbashing

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Now shipping: DollClans March Preorder :D

Wai, aujourd’hui j’ai reçu mon numéro de suivi pour ma commande DollClans de mars :D

J’avais commandé deux têtes : Kien et Vezeto (J’agrandis ma collection de jolis nez :D)

J’ai déjà une bonne idée de ce que je vais en faire, mais j’attends de pouvoir mettre mes grosses papattes poilues dessus pour voir si ils vont se laisser faire… et ensuite faudra que je me bouge le popotin parce que les dolls, ça se customise pas tout seul xD.

Yay, today I just got a shipping notice for my March Preorder DollClans heads :D

This time around, I got a Kien and a Vezeto head. More pretty noses are coming home :D.

I already have a pretty detailed idea of what I want to do with them, but as usual I’m waiting to see them in person to see if they’ll play nice and comply with what I want to do with them… and then I’ll have to actually DO something with them.

Hello world!

Hello, internet passer-by!


I have been considering setting up my own little bit of web space to store my things, and its now done! All that’s left is to actually tell something interesting ^^”


Bonjour, passant de la toile !


Ça fait un bout de temps que je pensais établir mon petit coin sur la toile pour ranger (ou pas, hein) tout mon barda, et c’est maintenant chose faite ! Il reste plus qu’à y raconter des trucs maintenant, trop bien :D